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Tanks & Fittings

Tanks & Fittings

Tanks & Fittings

Goyen manufactures a wide range of custom built header tanks for pulse-jet dust collector filters, complying with the following European Directives: CEE 87/404 and 90/488 and have fulfilled the conditions required to carry a CE approval. Header tanks are certified for a maximum working pressure of 7,5 bar and are supplied with a test certificate. Suitable for: Dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning and its variations including bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters, and sintered metal fibre filters. Goyen can also arrange the manufacture of tanks to UL and AS requirements.


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  1. 6mm Air Pipe in 30M coil

    6mm Air Pipe in 30M coil

    6mm pipe which goes between the diaphragm valve and controller, carrying compressed air. Learn More
    £25.00 Excl. VAT

  2. Goyen Bulkhead Fittings

    Goyen Bulkhead Fittings

    Goyen produces a range of aluminium diecast bulkhead connectors designed to ease the installation of cleaning systems onto dust collectors. These components eliminate the requirement for welding and allow easy removal of cleaning systems and blow tubes for maintenance purposes. Learn More
    £36.42 Excl. VAT

  3. Swivel Elbow

    Swivel Elbow

    Swivel elbow for 6mm or 8mm pipe. The swivel elbow is used in the dust control world for connecting 6mm or 8mm compressed air pipe to pulse valves and controllers. Push fit for 6mm or 8mm pipe one end of the swivel elbow, 1/8" BSP male thread on the other. Metal thread. Learn More
    £3.74 Excl. VAT

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