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COSHH LEV, Maintenance & Repairs

COSHH LEV, Maintenance & Repairs

COSHH LEV, Maintenance & Repairs

Regulations state that all LEV systems must be tested every 14 months. Our trained, experienced staff can test, inspect and service all of your LEV systems. As part of our COSHH LEV service we will provide a report which will include recommendation for repairs, replacements and as part of this we will quote for works to be carried out. You are then free to proceed with us or shop elsewhere. We provide the following services:

Filter Media Replacement - Ordered the filter spares and don't have the man-power or inclination to do it yourself? Let us fit the filter elements, diaphragm housings, diaphragm kits or new controllers for you. Email us for a quote, or call us on 01925 453228.

COSHH LEV Service - Filtration Medic Ltd will test each LEV system to ensure that it is maintained, is in good working order and it is in a clean condition. We then will provide a detailed report to the HSG258 Health & Safety Standards, providing all details of findings, including any recommendations on repairs, replacements, or ways to make sure system more efficient. Please email for a quote or call 01925 453228. Ltd
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